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The HOOPS DOWN UNDER is a passionate group of Australian & Ex-Pat QPR Supporters that base themselves in most parts of Australia, including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory & Tasmania!

It all started in early 2012 when Nathan Goode of Adelaide created a Facebook group so he could share his love of the Super Hoops with other Australian born (or based) fans.

"The seeds for creating a group (for QPR supporters in Australia) were planted the moment we knew QPR had escaped relegation during the 3-2 loss to Manchester City. Flicking between the QPR v Man City and Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers game, I had no-one that I could sympathise my nerves and the elation of staying up with, so my wife suggested I create a Facebook group" Nathan said

At about the same time, Mark Davis of Melbourne was busy rounding up random QPR supporters in Melbourne via his newly created QPR Australia Twitter page & had close to 30 supporters attend their first ever meet (QPR v Norwich) at the Turf Bar.

After a few successful meets, Mark found & joined the Hoops Down Under Facebook page to see if more Melbourne based Rs would be keen to join them for the next meet v Burnley. Interest in the Melbourne meets among the group lead to Nathan making the suggestion that all supporters nationwide make the effort to join the Melbourne Rs and in the end, around 60 supporters gathered for the Burnley match.

QPR Australia & Hoops Down Under joined forces in 2014 after a very successful national meet for the PLAY OFF FINAL v Derby.
Well over 120 supporters crammed into the Turf Bar in Melbourne to witness one of the most extraordinary games in play off finals history. 
A ten man QPR side held on for over half an hour to then conjure up a late 90 min winner from striker Bobby Zamora to send QPR back into the Premier League.

Since that magical night, the HOOPS DOWN UNDER has expanded it's supporters base with meets now being hosted in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth & Sydney as well as Melbourne. QPR's results have been indifferent (as of late) on the field but outside of all the football played, interest in the HOOPS DOWN UNDER supporters group has continued to grow.

We're always getting behind our Super Hoops from West London in the Land Down Under and we hope you can join us!



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