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Join us for the Melbourne Hoops Down Under Christmas Party 2017!

On December 16th at Turf Sports Bar we'll be holding our first ever Christmas Party as an excuse to hit the drinks and look back on the 2017-18 season for the Rs thus far!

If people are still standing from approx. 1am, a group of us may head down to the Imperial Hotel to watch the Rs play Birmingham City away (2am kick off).


+ Dinner & Drinks from 8pm (note: Kitchen closes at 9pm) + Continue Drinking while watching QPR 2017-18 Season Highlights on the Big Screen.

+ Quick QPR Trivia Question at 10pm to win an HDU T-shirt (spot prize).

+ Continue Drinking till approx 1am.

+ If people still standing, move on to Imperial Hotel for Birmingham City v QPR at 2am* *subject to streaming availability & capabilities

If you are interested in joining us, please join the Hoops Down under Facebook group HERE and find our private event and mark yourself as GOING. Numbers ARE ESSENTIAL to table bookings on the night so you must confirm on the event.

Seeya's there! You Rrrrrrsssss!

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