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Charlotte's Wishes - Please make a Donation

A QPR loving family from the UK, the Wainwrights, who are based here in Melbourne, and are avid supporters of the Hoops Down Under group, attending many Melbourne Meets over the last 12 years, have had their world turned upside down after their 26 year old daughter Charlotte was recently been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer which has been found in multiple areas of her body.

Charlotte is also the mother of a beautiful 9 month old baby boy called Memphis.

Charlotte had been working as well as studying for her masters in Audiology when she received this devastating diagnosis and is now unable to work and earn an income.

Before she leaves this world Charlotte wishes to have short term financial security for their day to day living expanses, the chance to travel and take her son and partner away together for some magical holidays and also have enough money to purchase purchase wigs as she enters chemotherapy. She wants to stay looking pretty to the very end. Any money remaining will go towards Memphis’s future.

If any of our Hoops Down Under members could please help donate a few dollars or pounds that would mean the world to Charlotte, her partner Aaron, Niall, Natasha, Josh, Alex and family & friends.

If you’re not in a position to donate then I ask that you kindly share this on your social media.

Sending much love & prayers to Charlotte during this incredibly difficult time. Be Strong Charlotte xxx


c/o Hoops Down Under


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