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HDU Update (October 2018)

Hi everyone!

I think it's about time we had another monthly update about all things QPR and the Hoops Down Under. It's been an absolutely glorious month of football for our mighty super Hoops! Since going down 3-0 away to Swansea City in last September, QPR have gone on and won 4 of their last 5 games, with victories against Reading FC (1-0 Away), Ipswich Town (2-0 Away), Sheffield Wednesday (3-0 Home) & Aston Villa (1-0 Home). QPR also managed a draw against Derby (1-1 Home) to stay undefeated in October and, in the process, jump from 19th to 10th spot.

Full credit to the players, Steve McClaren and his coaching staff for turning things around in a big way. We have a long way still to go but things are certainly looking up and we are approximately half way to reaching the 50-off points required for safety in the Championship and we have two thirds of the season left to go! It's looking very positive!

Hopefully the good form will continue which means QPR could get selected for the midday kickoff Sky Matches which make for suitable kick off times over here (12am AEDT), giving us potential future meets opportunities around the country.




First of all THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending through images of themselves (or their pet dog haha) wearing their new Hoops Down Under T-shirts! We've been sharing them on our social media pages and we've had a great response.

So much so, that we have had enquiries asking how to pick up a shirt. Unfortunately these were made to order and had to be pre-ordered in advance and I had to make a particular total before we could even start getting discounts on them to make them worthwhile as part of a membership package. I am, however, going to look to see if I can set up a 'make to order' agreement with our supplier Tee Junction. If this can be organised, they will be full price and not part of the membership sign ups. Watch this space!

SIGNED QPR SHIRTS GIVEAWAY (Drawn Winners Delayed till November)

QPR have sent the signed shirts early last week and I am still waiting for them to arrive. Because of this I will have to delay drawing our lucky winners until I have received them. I'm anticipating this to be in the next couple of weeks - Early-Mid November. Again, keep an eye on our Facebook page for when the draw date is announced!

Remember all members have either 2x entries (Basic Membership) or 5x entries (T-Shirt Membership) but there are 5x entries that can be purchased separately for those who either don't have a membership OR are just wanting additional entries into the competition.


QPR have been in touch with me and expressed an interest in potentially putting a video together of one of our meets to create some video content around our amazing overseas support for the club etc.

The club's new videographer is originally from Sydney and he will be heading back to Australia for Christmas.

There is talk of filming a Sydney meet when QPR face Reading FC on December 29th (2am kickoff but this is subject to change as they haven’t done the SKY TV picks yet). It would be fantastic if we could get as many Hoops to this event in Sydney! Hoops from other states are also welcome to join them if you can make the trek to Sydney! The more the merrier! The Sydney Reps and myself will be having a phone conference call with the Paul Morrissey and the QPR media crew in early November to discuss this even further so further information about this unique event will be shared on our social media once all the details have been finalized.


The Hoops Down Under were saddened to hear that long time QPR fan Dave Home (Adelaide) passed away on Friday moments before QPR were to kick off against Aston Villa that night.

Dave was originally from Harlesden and he was an ex British army man who served with air dispatch many years ago.

South Australian HDU Rep Robert Entwistle paid Dave a visit at his Residential Home only a couple of weeks ago to give him an official Hoops Down Under T-Shirt and make him an honorable member of our group.

Our deepest condolences go out to Dave's family & friends.



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