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Pre-order your Hoops Down Under Membership NOW!

The HOOPS DOWN UNDER are gearing up for another season of supporting our Super Hoops in the SkyBet Championship in 2018-19. We'd like to send out a big thanks to all those who helped sending their answers & suggestions for our Membership Survey. The results from this survey gave us the information required to tell us what fellow Hoopsters Down Under would like to see in the Membership packages this season. If this season's Membership sign ups are a success then this is something we can keep on producing & aim to make bigger & better each season moving forward.

As mentioned in previous emails and Facebook posts, the main aim for these membership packages are to raise funds to connect our domain to the Hoops Down Under website & run the website professionally. At the moment, it is a free WIX site with adverts & a free domain address.

Of course, with members you can also bring everyone closer with consistent communication on upcoming meets, website updates & competitions too.

What are the cost of the Membership Packages? This season we will be doing a T-Shirt Membership Package for $26 (+ postage/delivery Australia Wide) & also a Basic Membership Package for $10.

Unfortunately requests for Caps & Scarfs won't be happening this season, purely because of the cost per unit, min order requirements + set up fees which would've made the Packages super expensive. This doesn't mean this is something we can't look into in future seasons if the reception of these memberships are well received this season. Why a Basic Package? The Basic Package are designed for those who don't want to get the official HDU shirt but would like to show their appreciation & support our group and also collect some of the other cool membership incentives too!

Ok great! So how do I get on board?

I will be doing pre-orders for these memberships over a strict 14 day trial period.

It starts today MIDNIGHT July 30th and will end MIDNIGHT August 13th. It is important that I get as many pre-orders as possible as this will ultimately decide the fate of this Hoops Down Under Membership Venture. I do have a minimum pre-order requirement and I will be posting a running tally of "Number of Pre-orders Required" on our Facebook page & also emailing out a notification to the mailing listdays out from the 14 day trial period expiring if the pre-orders numbers are lower than expected. So what happens if we don't reach the amount of pre-orders required?

There will be one of two options really - depending on the overall numbers. Because we need to reach a minimum T-shirt order amount, I may ask those who pre-ordered a T-Shirt Package if they would like to swap it for a Basic Package. I would then refund the difference. If it doesn't look like we'll get to the overall minimum target at all, I will refund all orders back through paypal. Fingers crossed it doesn't come to any of those options at all though :)

What are the HDU Membership Packages and what's in them?

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