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IV 2022-23 EFL Championship Tipping Competition starts 30th July: Pre-register now!

The HDU Tipping Championship will be entering it's fourth season giving Hoopsters the chance to win a signed 2022-23 QPR Shirt and cash prizes!

The competition has been well received over the seasons and we have had three different champions in the last three seasons;

I 2019-20: Deano76 (Dean Russell) - 268 Points II 2020-21: JeffreyB (Jeff Berndt) - 273 Points III 2021-22: Fess (Dimos Fessopoulos) - 304 Points

Who will be our IV 2022-23 Champion?


For the first time we will be moving away from FaceYoursFears and moving the competition to Extreme Tipping.

Extreme Tipping is a Tipping site that is co-founded by myself and good friend, Matthew Gibson.

The site is still in the very early stages of development (we have big plans for this site for when it finally becomes public) and we are keen to use the Hoops Down Under Tipping Competition as our first test drive. Please bear in mind that there may be a couple of niggling issues along the way so bear with us!

In the meantime, please head to to pre-register and then keep an eye on your inbox. I will email out updates and how to pay your $25 Entry Fee in the coming days.

When the comp is ready (or half ready) we will create accounts for all those pre-registered to join the competition so you can begin tipping before season kick-off on July 30th.

Thanks! Mark Co-Founder of Hoops Down Under


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